New Websites

Pictures do the talking

QPro Developments is a new development company based in Brisbane, Queensland, but with a view to introducing overseas investors to opportunities in regional Queensland. While much of the world is suffering a financial crisis and property slump, thanks to the mining industry parts of Australia are experiencing a boom bigger than any they have seen before.

On your bikes

Father and son team Alan and Harry Oates run Bikers World, a shop with a comprehensive range of gear for motorbike riders. They already had a website, but wanted to replace it with one that would perform better at attracting and converting browsers.

Councillor Peter Cumming

A good local councillor keeps in touch with local residents to provide good representation and connectivity to community resources. Councillor Peter Cumming’s new website is designed to do just those things.

What’s Changed?

You may have noticed that our site has recently undergone some changes. As always the design process is never just skin deep (if you want a great site that is).

K McGovern and Associates live

Kerry McGovern is based in Brisbane but specialises in advising sovereign governments on governance, and asset and financial management. Her clients are spread in a half-belt across the world from the western Pacific to the eastern Mediterranean.

While Kerry had an existing site she had changed her logo and branding. She also wanted to improve the presentation of her web presence. But this had to be achieved on a site which would cope with dial-up internet speeds – many of the countries where she works have limited infrastructure.