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Why do you need a Content Management System?

Why do you need a Content Management System?

 According to recent studies more than 65 percent of the web development projects do not use a content management system (CMS). With so many advantages, it is surprising that more people are are not making use of content management systems for web site development. Here are eight reasons you should go for a CMS:

Going above and beyond

One of the great things about open-source CMS Joomla is that it has so many pre-existing free or inexpensive extensions available, allowing the Joomla core to be easily adapted to incorporate just about any functionality you might need, for all kinds of different websites.

What News’ Haircut Says About Social Media

Newscorp has just sold MySpace for $35 million. That might sound like a lot of money, but six years ago they paid $580 million for it.

I used it as an example in some of my university lectures of how different the online world was from the offline because it has somewhere around 294 profiles set-up by Rupert Murdoch impersonators. And these impersonators aren’t there because they love Murdoch.

So here we had the media mogul alleged to be the most controlling in the world who tolerated wholesale pillory of himself, because if he didn’t it would ruin the value of his social networking site because he would have compromised its integrity by taking them down.

But it lost value anyway.

Please phone me Gerry Harvey

Maybe they are targetting the only demographic sympathetic to their cause, but amazingly the retailers campaigning for GST to be applied to overseas online purchases are running their campaign exclusively in the print media at the moment.

Google incorporates dress code

There is a woman that haunts the Stones Corner Hotel, my local watering hole. She is a blow-up doll version of Marilyn Monroe. Not to be taken seriously. Perhaps even pitied.

In the old days of search engines, the blow-up doll versions of Marilyn Monroe could get equal ranking with the real Marilyn Monroes, because the search engines believed whatever was in their advertising, otherwise called metadata.

SEO – no free lunch

There is probably more money wasted on search engine optimisation (SEO) than any other aspect of website design. We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, but for curious reasons, many of us are actually prepared to pay for one.