Watt’s not to like?

WattsNet are our neighbours here in Fortitude Valley Brisbane, and they’re also the developers of very effective business management software called “Heads-up“.

I know it’s effective because our other neighbours Deicke Richards are using it, and they tell me it’s making their business more transparent and measurable than ever before.

But WattsNet understand that being a top programmer doesn’t mean you should do everything tech related yourself. I guess if your business is building software that tracks business performance you have an understanding when it’s more profitable to outsource and when it’s not.

So they came to us to build a site for them.

The resulting design is simple and elegant. It’s based on the Joomla content management system, and incorporates a blog to help to optimise its Google performance, as well as giving WattsNett a platform to talk to existing and potential clients.

In the process of building the site Rebecca also redeveloped the WattsNet logo, giving it a vibrant three dimensional look.

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