Pictures do the talking

QPro Developments is a new development company based in Brisbane, Queensland, but with a view to introducing overseas investors to opportunities in regional Queensland. While much of the world is suffering a financial crisis and property slump, thanks to the mining industry parts of Australia are experiencing a boom bigger than any they have seen before.

They wanted a site which told the story of Brisbane as a mid-sized modern city on the rim of the Pacific, and which quickly and elegantly told people what they were about.

The site we developed has a broad panorama of the Brisbane skyline shot from the Kangaroo Point cliffs as the header. Ironically these cliffs were created by quarrying for the famous Brisbane tuff, which was used for make work schemes in the Great Depression, the last time we had a financial melt-down like this.

It’s been taken on one of our glorious Brisbane winter days when there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature tops out at around 21 or 22 degrees celcius.

The picture shows all that makes Brisbane such a great place to live. There are the sky-scrapers of the city, with City Botanic Gardens in the foreground and the boat moorings in the river, and yes, there are some cranes on the horizon showing that things are moving ahead.

So it has commerce, lifestyle and climate all in one at the same time demonstrating that the construction industry in Queensland is still alive.

The body of the home page has five clickable images that illustrate the sorts of real estate developments the company is capable of doing under the headings of Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use, Retail and Industrial. When you go to each of those pages an innovative, javascript driven photogallery gives you a further tour of projects that have been developed.

The buildings are all imaginatively architecturally designed and professionally photographed, giving the user confidence that QPro are solid and professional and can deliver. This is particularly important in the development industry where you are essentially selling the future.

We’re looking forward to building more of these photogalleries as they really lift the feel of a site, and afterall, pictures speak louder than words, and pictures about actions even louder.

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