On your bikes

Father and son team Alan and Harry Oates run Bikers World, a shop with a comprehensive range of gear for motorbike riders. They already had a website, but wanted to replace it with one that would perform better at attracting and converting browsers.

The new site features plenty of calls to action combined with a quote cart. The difference between a quote cart and a shopping cart is that while you can build up a list of things you would like to buy, you can’t purchase them online. What you can do is browse the stock, select what you like and then print off a list which you can take to the shop.

We built the site using Joomla and the cart was built using Joomshopping. In the past we’ve used VirtueMart, but Rebecca decided to diversify with this site.

Alan and Harry don’t want to sell online, for a very simple reason. Clothes don’t look the same on everybody. What looks fantastic on a model on a website may look truly awful when draped around you. Online sales mean a high amount of customer dissatisfaction, and a lot of work processing returns.

Not only does the quote cart encourage customers to get the right size and fit first-off, by coming into the store customers often find that something they’d glossed over on the net catches their eye because in the flesh it is just right for them.

Bikers World also has its own Facebook site. To keep up to date with what Alan and Harry are offering, join up at the Facebook site now. And be sure to come in to the store. It’s in their warehouse at 24/115 Robinson Road Geebung, as it says on the home page of the site.

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