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A good local councillor keeps in touch with local residents to provide good representation and connectivity to community resources. Councillor
Gippsland Carers Association is a voluntary support, education, information and advocacy association for unpaid family carers.Voluntary carers provide care worth
You may have noticed that our site has recently undergone some changes. As always the design process is never just
It's official. Google does not use keywords for search, although she reserves her right to change her mind. Writing on
We're big fans of Web 2.0. In fact we were doing it before it was called Web 2.0. What's that?
Social media can be a better way for authorities to broadcast messages than traditional media. In this post Glen Gilmore
According to Greenlight BP has bought-up big on Google and Yahoo search terms in an effort to improve its public
Kerry McGovern is based in Brisbane but specialises in advising sovereign governments on governance, and asset and financial management. Her
Never heard of Wilbing? Well I'm not sure the word has really been coined, it probably still dwells as an
There is a woman that haunts the Stones Corner Hotel, my local watering hole. She is a blow-up doll version of
One of our client sites was recently hacked to promote pharmaceuticals - the so-called "pharma hack". One of the insidious
There is probably more money wasted on search engine optimisation (SEO) than any other aspect of website design. We all
The Internet is forcing its way into the mother of parliaments with both sides in the UK proposing to require
Accountability and transparency means that most government agencies are fastidious (at least in theory) at recording as much as they
We're big fans of open government at Internet Thinking, but I don't think we'd advise any of our clients to
Australia ranks fourth in the world for business Internet service after USA, Japan and Singapore, but before Hong Kong, England,
A long time ago, in a far off inner city suburb, I used to run a boutique (read small) advertising
Being a Twitter newbie I am still going from "what is the big fuss" to "I would rather die than
One of the paranoid, or perhaps not so paranoid, conspiracy theories doing the rounds is that the US Republicans manipulated
If your job was relating your clients to the public you'd think that you'd be all over the newest uses of