(e)DM is the new DM

A long time ago, in a far off inner city suburb, I used to run a boutique (read small) advertising agency. We were constantly advising our clients on how to measure and analyse the responsiveness of their direct marketing efforts – as all good agencies should. Absolute, irrefutable return on investment was and still is the holy grail but actually achieving that is harder than you may think.

DM, as in Digital Marketing, (not old media Direct Marketing), can and does automatically provide instant, reliable, and useful information which makes this calculation and many others much easier. It’s a pity “push” marketing is not cool anymore – now it’s all about opt in “pull” marketing and boy don’t those stats look good compared to the old days (last year). Not that I’m complaining – our clients here at Internet Thinking are some of those benefiting from the measurabilty of their online marketing, as are we.

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