An unrortable computerised voting system

One of the paranoid, or perhaps not so paranoid, conspiracy theories doing the rounds is that the US Republicans manipulated election results through the use of Diebold voting machines. I say “not so paranoid” because while I don’t accuse Diebold of committing any fraud, one of the problems with such voting machines is that they lack adequate auditing procedures.

Getting a handle on PR

If your job was relating your clients to the public you’d think that you’d be all over the newest uses of the Internet. Some of my recent experience suggests not. Like every other industry, Public Relations professionals are resistant, or even oblivious to, the way the Internet radically alters how you can and should spread your message. This article isn’t about those PR professionals.

Fair suck of the

Good as it is, there is one thing that Google can’t do – find material that isn’t on the Internet yet. Which is why sites like On Line Opinion┬ádo well. Publishers are in the business of guessing what readers might be after, sourcing a writer to provide the content and making it available. Search engines can access that material, but only after the publisher has done its work.