Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam

So you think you know what Spam is? Maybe you do but I was also sure I had a good understanding of the Spam Act of 2003 until recently. Have a look at the ACMA site (who administer the Act) and see what you make of these little goodies: which states “If you are not confident that the existing business relationship is strong enough to infer consent, or are unsure that the recipient will want your messages, you will need to obtain express consent.”

and which says “Every commercial electronic message must contain an unsubscribe facility, even if it is a one-off communication in response to an enquiry. It may be easier to make the unsubscribe facility part of your corporate signature, so that it is included on every email your business sends.”

But I’m sure you do have an unsubscribe link on EVERY commercial email you send… By the way “spam” (as in unsolicited electronic messages) is actually named after the Monty Python skit according to Wikipedia.

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