Plugin Development

Many of the popular Content Management Systems can be easily extended with add-on plugins, but what happens when you need something a bit special—something that’s not already available to meet your needs?

Custom application development is the answer.

Although application development sounds complex and expensive, that certainly isn’t always the case. We build all of our applications on great frameworks like the Zend Framework or as plugins for existing CMSes, which allows rapid development of highly reliable and fully featured applications. What this means for you is that you know the final product will be a secure and efficient system that can be extended upon in the future.

In addition to standalone web applications, we can also develop modules, components and plug-in extensions for great content management systems including Joomla and WordPress.

The great thing about developing extensions for frameworks such as Joomla and WordPress is that we can integrate them directly into your existing Joomla or WordPress website, allowing us to utilise all of the existing features and allowing you to manage the extension from the easy and familiar admin interface.


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